Why a Fortress?

When you look up the definition of fortress you get a couple of meanings, but they convey the same idea. The first one you read is, “a military stronghold, especially a strongly fortified town fit for a large garrison.” And the second…”a heavily protected and impenetrable building.” So we get the idea, a fortress is strong and not easily entered. Now go one step further. We assume that impenetrable buildings have exits. Afterall, how does the royal court leave their castle? But what about the prisoners?


From Her Fortress was created to show that other side. Every day we build walls to keep others out. Perhaps it was that angry, negative man at the grocery store. The homeless man on the corner. Every time we come across something we don’t want to be a part of we turn our backs and build a wall; a bias. Don’t get me wrong. Walls can be good. They make us…well us.

But after building so many walls, we create more than an impenetrable, safe structure. We grow a prison. Our minds become so confined within the biases and set routines of everyday life that we can no longer find those convenient exits. But I have found mine. And I am ready to share from within my fortress.

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