Every night I fall asleep with someone new. They whisper sweet words in my ear and let me into their deepest thoughts. They steal the reins and drive me to dreams I could never fathom. Introduced to freshness with every moon. 

They never leave me in the silent night. And as the sun peeks over the horizon they walk slowly away. But they leave me so full that I’m never alone. The streets are quiet before the new one slips under the covers.

I am not ashamed. No, my bed isn’t filled. The only use of my second pillow is to hold close. The somebody is never “nobody”. It’s Me. My mind growing, energized like solar panels on a sunny summer day. Every day bringing a new story. Pruning the dead roses so new life can emerge.


My soul becoming transparent by the shadows of the night. I no longer NEED more. I know I have something new to show myself. When the noise quiets my chest plays a song so beautiful that my body falls numb. It grabs my face and shows me that I am enough. Before I know it, the birds chirp and the covers are pulled back.

But I happily say goodbye. For a new song will be played tonight. 


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