Sharing. Helping. Building.

I have this overwhelming desire to help. The suffering of others literally feels like a wild animal clawing through my heart.

If I can prevent someone’s sadness why shouldn’t I? Why shouldn’t we?

But that’s the thing, we can’t prevent the suffering of others, can we? I tried my hardest but doesn’t seem that I can make a difference.

WRONG. I believe that society has brainwashed each other to think that if they cannot directly lead a battered woman to safety or feed a starving child then they can’t help.

We have to face the fact that we cannot take on the whole fight. There are things that we can’t do and because of that, we have to do our part and make sure the next person does theirs.

How? As simple as having conversations. And yes I know, one of my pet peeves is people who talk and talk but never do. But in this case, how do we get people to do if they don’t know? Never lose an opportunity to share.

If people realized even half of the resources they possessed, this world would be forever changed. I’m not even talking money or a fancy house. I’m talking experiences, knowledge, thoughts, etc. You know, the stuff that makes us human. That “human” stuff is what connects us.


At some point we created this disconnect between the “wealthy” (not just financially) and the “suffering”. We have to rebuild that bridge. And it’s not a wood bridge. It’s a story, emotion, fear, experience bridge. And the supplies aren’t just from the “wealthy”. The “sufferers” hold resources, too.

The beauty of the bridge? It’s the key to showing the world what we truly are…..human. The wealthy can suffer and the suffering can be wealthy.

I think the craziest part is that we all desire that connection. Have you ever wondered the success of Humans of New York? We want to feel connected. We are drawn to other’s stories but we refuse to share ours…to give our piece of the bridge.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m here with my hammer and my dreams, fears, stories, and experiences. I’m ready to build.

Much love from my fortress. ❤


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