It’s in the way the leaves fall one by one. Spiraling through the air. The first ride they have ever taken. And the last.

It’s the way the breeze drifts across my skin. Creating chills. Yet the sun manages to reach the back of my neck to send warmth running down my spine.

The earth erupts into color, spouting the most glorious last words ever known.


This is your love. It creeps in before I can stop it. And once one beat of my heart falls for you, the rest follow. Like the brown leaves from the tall tree, quietly but quickly.

My fears will chill my heart but your embrace will kiss my soul like the sun on my neck, warming me to my core.

The smell of burning tells me our love will spark a passion that inspires the world.

But your presence eludes me the same as the magic of this season.

Every smell, sound, and color leave me longing. But for what?

One day we’ll meet, and when we do, I’ll accept you just as the ground does every dying leaf…

Gently and forever.

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