I Do…

Words. I heard yours. And as they entered my mind they fell straight to my heart. Maybe it was gravity, but they tore me apart.

As the bricks began to crumble I knew I had to know…You who did more with your soul, than anyone else could show.

But no, I can’t spoil this. And my heart knew before I. To capture that kind of love it had to be right.

So syllable by syllable, I give you my mind. In hopes I’m the treasure you never could find.

These words are for you. Let them ring through your ears. May they water your heart but dry your tears.

Each letter flowing through your body slow. They feel familiar. And yet they glow.

See, we were created by these same words. Spoken by Him to make this place. But as my love letter meets His script, it will not be replaced.

No, instead, these words magnify His. So let this love be created as is.

Two hearts thread together by a Master’s whisper. And by His will, it will not blister.

And though I can’t match His love, I pray that it flows, from me to you so we may grow.

But after I say all these words to you, I will sum it up with only two.

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