Not MY ministry.

A few weeks ago I received a word at church that went like this:

I have put a voice in your heart and a song in your voice. And you my daughter need to use it for my glory. For I have not put it there to hide it. I have put it there to be used to bless, to glorify, not only this people but also to Me.

This was after the worship leader politely nudged me to be a part of the worship team MULTIPLE times. Here’s the thing. Anyone who knows me knows I sing 24/7! Like I literally have a song for everything. But put a microphone in front of my mouth and NOTHING will come out.

So imagine my denial when I was told God put a song in my heart. Ha. I think they got the wrong person. Not me. I’ve never even felt compelled to sing on a stage before. That’s not MY ministry!

Let me say that again. I said, “That’s not my ministry!”

How many of us use that line on the daily? We feel nudged throughout the day to go and pray for someone. Or even just talk to them. But, “nah God, not my ministry.”

Go tell the lady in front of you that God loves her. “Nah God, not my ministry.”

Here’s the lesson I learned.

Is singing my ministry? IT IS IF GOD TELLS ME TO SING.

We become so consumed by the big picture. God, you said everyone has been given a purpose. What’s mine? And we begin to pray for our purpose to be shown. The problem is, we have one purpose in mind.

But I have a question. Do painters smile? Or walk or talk? Do you think they sing even if only in the shower? YEP. Even you in your daily life. You have a job. But what do you do outside of the job?

I’m afraid we’ve begun to look at Christians the same way we looked at our teachers in elementary school. They were our teachers. They lived at the school. Had no friends or families. And did nothing outside of school. No hobbies or other talents. All they could and would do is TEACH.

Is that true? No. Was it ever true? No.

Perhaps God has called you to a specific ministry. But that doesn’t mean you get to ignore all of His other requests.

Tonight I’m thankful for our worship leader who obeyed God more than I did. Who straight up called me out.

I was willing to say no and shake my head to the God of the universe. But as soon as a leader of the church grabbed a mic and said my name in front of everyone I was up on stage. I had it twisted, right? I agree. But again, thank God for putting obedience in my leader and making the conviction overwhelming in my heart.

You’ve got my attention, God. 

As I got on stage and grabbed the mic all I heard was, “Erika, you claim I’m the Almighty God, but you thought you could tell Me no and that I had misspoken.” And I have to admit. I wasn’t a bit nervous. In fact, I think I was secretly excited. God put me in my place!

And as I walked back to my seat after it was all said and done I heard, “you pray for many great things. But I have to know I have your obedience in the small things first.”

One who is faithful in very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in very little is also dishonest in much. ~ Luke 16:10 ESV

My jaw dropped. How often do we question God for all of our unanswered prayers while we stand and let fear and pride restrain us from obeying in the small tasks?

Who then, really is your god? For far too long my god has been fear. My god has been pride. But I won’t sit content in this any longer. And if you see me doing it again, say something! Hold me accountable!

That verse in Luke really puts things into perspective. And it is so true. Why would God be able to trust us with great works and blessings if we can’t even participate in the smallest? To think of every time I failed to be faithful in the very little…wow. Forgive me, Father.

Heavenly Father I ask that you remind me daily who is in control. That this is not my life but Your’s. Father help me to humble myself. May my confidence in my flesh be crucified and resurrected as faith in You. Help me to grow into the servant Christ was as He walked this earth. I know every day is a constant battle. But I know You are in control and You uphold me with Your righteous right hand (Isa. 41:10).

And being found in fashion as a man, He humbled Himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. ~ Philippians 2:8 KJV

“Oh God who makes the mountains move come wrestle us and win.” God, last night you wrestled me and won. And I am so thankful. For I know you woke up a sleeping giant within me!

In Jesus name,

From Her Fortress. ❤

One thought on “Not MY ministry.

  1. Interesting read, E. I just returned from a church committee meeting where we wondered who was going to lead some committees next year. “Not me.” many of us said. Gulp….

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