One gust away.

A year ago I had the opportunity to travel to Ireland during a work trip. Let me just say, it was the most beautiful place I have ever been. The people, the culture, the views. Everyone should experience that kind of beauty.

Anyway, I was only able to be there for three days so I had to be very selective of my time. I took the opportunity to check off a bucket list item by visiting the Cliffs of Moher.

Now, I learned quickly the weather there is not too different from Kansas; ever changing. When we made it to the cliffs we were given one main rule: stay away from the edge. You would think this was common sense. However, when experiencing those kinds of views, it was sort of impossible to not want to get closer.

There are obvious reasons for staying away from the edge, but one that may not be thought of as much. Like I said, the weather changes quickly. Meaning the wind could choose to gust out of nowhere. And if you’re peaking over the edge to see the water crashing against the rocks? Well you may get a closer view.

That’s about how my week went, too. In life we tend to become comfortable. In our routines. Our perceptions. The dynamics of our relationships. It’s easy to be sucked in. And in my experience, comfort equals confidence. When you’re standing on the edge of a cliff and the air is still, you scoot closer. No longer pleased with the current view, you want to test the limits.

This past week I was caught standing on the edge. The world around me still. I began to neglect the whisper in my ear. The one that said I needed to take care even in the calm. And then?

BAM. The gust came. And it hit hard. This disruption in the current pattern of life would have knocked me off my feet no matter where I stood. But since I was toeing the edge? I floated right off the edge like a leaf in autumn. Or perhaps it was like an anchor being thrown off the edge of a ship?

Yeah, definitely the latter. Who would have known that when you grow up and get a big kid job you actually enjoy and genuinely like the people you work with? I for one was not warned. So when I heard of the passing of one of the closer coworkers I had? It shook me.

I would like to say I’m back on the top of the cliff…standing a fewer feet back from the edge this time. But I’m not. I’m actually free climbing up the side right now. Thanking God for the rope He threw me despite me ignoring His warnings.

As humans, we are so easy to forget lessons. I mean literally in one ear and out the other. I often find this true even for the blogs I write. Let me give you an example. I wrote a blog on December 1st (read it here). In that blog I was shown a valuable lesson of God’s love. And also how I am a conduit for that love. At the end of the blog I wrote:

May this be a reminder of why it is so important to be in relationship and constant contact with You. My walk with You is not only about me but also those around me who I can fight for.

That day made me take a few steps back from the ledge. It made me realize why it is important to follow His word. And in three short months I lost sight and made my way to the edge again. Not concerned with what the wind may blow in, just astonished by the view. At the beautiful chaos around me. The water hitting the rocks. The world around me imploding. I lost sight of the purpose. My purpose.

I’m not blaming myself for what happened to my coworker…as much anyway. But wow. If I wouldn’t have been standing carelessly on the edge I could have been helping those around me this week be pulled from the water below. Instead, I was the one needing saved.

I hope and pray the lesson sticks the second time around. I can’t handle another fall anytime soon.

Watchout for the gusts my friends. They know their purpose. And unfortunately for us, they do it well.

Finding ground,

From Her Fortress

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