Tune me, Lord.

Apparently I’m going to try a new thing where I post more than once every couple of months! Don’t get too excited. It might not last long.

So I recently decided I am going to learn how to play guitar. Why? Well throughout my life there have been many things I try. And I tend to be good at them. But that’s only because I tend to pursue the things that come natural to me. Examples? Secondary education, athletics and I’d say I’m a decent writer.

I don’t often fail at things I set out to do and it’s simply because I have it half in the bag before starting. I’m guilty of never truly pushing myself to grow and evolve in something that would otherwise never be a victory in my life.

After beginning my journey with God a year and a half ago, I’m realizing it doesn’t always feel natural. It’s not second nature to deny my flesh to follow Jesus!

This is where guitar comes in. Music is not my forte. Picture little 5th grade Erika being ecstatic as she mastered Amazing Grace on the recorder. That was my peak. I wanted to play a real instrument but I knew my natural habitat. The playground.

Not anymore. I’m convinced this world in its entirety is our playground. And God gives us the ability to master anything if for His glory. I want to be forced out of my comfort zone. I want to stretch. I need to establish a different kind of discipline. One that says I have to practice even when I don’t feel like it because if I don’t, I can’t fake it. Which is exactly how our walk with God is.

So here I am. Typing this with calloused fingers. Picks taking flight out of frustration and laying precariously about my apartment. THIS IS NOT EASY FOR ME. I’ve considered quitting a million times already, content with the excuse that I’m not a music person.

But, guess what. None of us are naturally righteous people either. We have to take time to build relationship with Jesus, to know God’s will…something that goes against the desires of this world most days.

May I learn more than an instrument through this process. Tune me, Lord.

From Her Fortress.

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