July 2018

From Her Fortress. Three words that have changed meaning so many times in one short year. Originally, this blog was to be an outlet for a troubled young woman. After years of building impenetrable walls, it was time to take them down one brick at a time. And so it began. From Her Fortress. A public journey of self-discovery. A journey that focused on a woman who spent the last two decades of her life being her own hero. The name conveying the message of a young woman in her self-made fortress…(not to be confused with a prison). The walls were to keep intruders out, not to keep her in. Unfortunately, she learned that you can’t have one without the other.

Now here we are, a year into this journey. And what has she realized? Yes, she is a warrior. But never her own hero. She is learning that she never had to construct her own fortress. If she would simply allow her God in, she could have all the protection she would ever need.

From Her Fortress…a journey to building a relationship with Jesus Christ. Every word leading her closer and closer to God’s purpose for her life. Demolition has begun. But restoration is right around the corner.

July 2017

I recently graduated college and have begun my journey into true adulthood. Many factors have brought me to this point in my life and many more will surely follow.  From Her Fortress holds everything that I speak from within my walls. This blog is the product of a woman who has grown to share the fortress of her mind. 

As I move forward in life, everyday is a chance to learn something new about myself. Instead of keeping this knowledge hidden within my walls, I want to share it. This means I will probably talk a lot about myself, but I promise 98% of the time you will be able to relate it back to your own story.

Sit back and relax as I learn to be vulnerable and open in a world that can be less than friendly.

With love, from my fortress. ❤