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Let the hot water run over your brittle shell. Washing away the sting. It is the closest to comfort. The illusion of a warm embrace. You want it as hot as you can get it. Renew your body. Wake up the will inside that has frozen over. Each stream running its course into the drain. […]

We have to speak up. Be vulnerable. You’ll be amazed by the action that follows. Afterall, you don’t want to be stuck on the toilet in the dark do ya?

It’s hard to be awake when everyone around you is asleep. It’s hard to stare up at the clouds when everything around you plays for keeps.

Parents asked us, “if your friends jump off a bridge will you?” but maybe they should have asked would we jump if we didn’t have any friends. Journal entry: July 2018 I honestly can’t tell you why I wrote that five months ago. I have a feeling my anxiety and fear played a huge part. […]