Love and Blueberries

While on my lunch break today, I was carefully inspecting blueberries before putting them in my yogurt. For some reason love popped into my head. Maybe it was due to the special care I was giving each blueberry…I really don’t know. I was 13 when I experienced my first “I love you”. I’ll never forget […]

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Wake Up

Close your eyes. Do you hear that? No. Beyond all the wants of the world.

Your chest rising and falling in collaboration with every heartbeat. The breeze shaking the earth around you…

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Every night I fall asleep with someone new. They whisper sweet words in my ear and let me into their deepest thoughts. They steal the reins and …

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Story of a Soloist

Anyone have a thesaurus…or at least the app? If not you should get one, they’re amazing! Okay, now lookup the word ‘alone’. Abandoned, friendless, hermit, lonely, deserted…are we seeing the pattern? Being alone shouldn’t be seen as an issue. I can CHOOSE to be alone without being lonely! Have you ever went to a restaurant […]

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Why a Fortress?

When you look up the definition of fortress you get a couple of meanings, but they convey the same idea. The first one you read is, “a military stronghold, especially a strongly fortified town fit for a large garrison.” And the second…

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