I Do…

Words. I heard yours. And as they entered my mind they fell straight to my heart. Maybe it was gravity, but they tore me apart. As the bricks began to crumble I knew I had to know…You who did more with your soul, than anyone else could show. But no, I can’t spoil this. And […]

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Storage Wars – Heart Edition

As life happened, I began using my heart as a storage unit. Each box sealed shut, labeled, and stacked. We’ve all moved enough in our lives to have a mental picture. Each disaster, each love, each loss…all represented by a taped box.  And storage units aren’t the greatest living quarters. They usually don’t have electricity. […]

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Love defined.

Lately I’ve been struggling with knowing the purpose of new relationships in my life. Struggling because I have such a hard time accepting the love of others. I felt drawn to that one quote, “you accept the love you think you deserve.” Hmm…so true. But what about with God? His love is so crazy! It’s […]

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