Ghost of the past.

My subconscious keeps inviting you to lay your head on my pillow. And I wish I knew how to stop it because waking up without breath makes me fall again. You’re just a dream now. A better picture than you ever were. You’re still good at coming and going considering I never know when you’ll […]

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Hospital and Lighthouse.

Flash back to Friday morning… I have just finished a meeting with a couple of coworkers. As I’m heading for the door I hear one of them call out. I am now looking behind me…trying to continue a meeting that has already ended. However, I’m still heading for the door. And then…SMACK. I walk straight […]

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Love used to look like that one boy who caught your eye. His smile sending shocks through your chest. And when you were ignored, your heart melted. His lack of love sent your self-love running. And you wish you could say it only happened once. But ten years pass and you can predict the motions […]

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Use YOUR eyes.

It has been six months since I graduated. In that time I feel as though two worlds have slammed into each other. When I left this place I was a naive, scared eighteen year old girl. I cried when my mom left me in that dorm room. I thought that was the lowest I would […]

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oh Christmas tree.

I’m not much of a fan of Christmas. I feel like people have taken it so far from where it began. For this reason, I don’t decorate…like Grinch level. But this year is a little different. I’m out on my own. Friends are kind of MIA and work takes up much of my time. I […]

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