They sit on her chest. Pressing down on her foundation. Cracking the very structure that is her. She tries to lift them but she can’t. Others before either ignored them or added to the pile. But who is this stone mason? One who sees the bricks and pictures a house. Who knows how to lift […]

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We’re all sponges.

When From Her Fortress takes to video… Every now and again I share a video on my social media feeds. Writing is my passion, but as we all know, some lessons are better shown than typed. Below is something I recorded about a year ago. No fancy recording equipment! Just me, my iPhone and a […]

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Love and Blueberries

While on my lunch break today, I was carefully inspecting blueberries before putting them in my yogurt. For some reason love popped into my head. Maybe it was due to the special care I was giving each blueberry…I really don’t know. I was 13 when I experienced my first “I love you”. I’ll never forget […]

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Wake Up

Close your eyes. Do you hear that? No. Beyond all the wants of the world.

Your chest rising and falling in collaboration with every heartbeat. The breeze shaking the earth around you…

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Me, Myself, and Honesty

Disclaimer: if you continue reading this you are not allowed to feel sorry for me. This is the past and I’m only telling you so you can understand my present. My life is beyond what you are about to read. My entire life I have strived to be something. I say something because I was […]

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