Changing perspective.

Today has been especially draining. Do you ever feel like you wasted a whole day? There was absolutely nothing I did today to change the world. And those kind of days leave me feeling helpless. And hopeless.

I feel like I have all of these ideas in my head. People I want to help and things I want to do. But after days like today, I can’t help but feel that I may be getting ahead of myself.

As I sit at my desk, with my head in my hands, I stop. This is how stagnation begins. A slow fade. Self-doubt. Self-pity. Self self self. And what a day to be stuck on self.

Time’s Person of the Year: The Silence Breakers. If any one of those individuals had succumbed to self-doubt or self-pity that campaign would never have been. If they thought that their one post couldn’t change the world, no change would have taken place.

And just like that I lift my head from my hands. There is no time to throw a pity party. Today, I choose to let those brave women and men be a lesson. We are never invisible. Our struggle. Our pain. Our dreams. Never invisible.

Stagnation is a slow fade. Something that creeps up on you while you have your head in your hands. And before you know it, you have no energy to lift back up.

We can’t take on the evils of the world if we are stuck on ourselves. So lift your heads. Maybe you can’t change the world today but you can change your perspective. Some days hold more impact than others. And know that each day you’re looking ahead instead of down, is a day that we are one step closer to progress.

3 thoughts on “Changing perspective.

  1. This post speaks to me on such a deep level. There are days when I feel like I’m creating a bad life for myself … when really, all that happened was I experienced a bad day. Letting temporary circumstances shape our focus is so detrimental. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  2. I keyed in the word “Purpose” and found your article. It inspired me actually, thank you and keep writing.

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