oh Christmas tree.

I’m not much of a fan of Christmas. I feel like people have taken it so far from where it began. For this reason, I don’t decorate…like Grinch level. But this year is a little different. I’m out on my own. Friends are kind of MIA and work takes up much of my time. I wanted something beautiful to come home to this Christmas season.

I walked by the tree aisle at the local store…toyed with the idea of making my own stocking. But then I found my answer! I recently found a picture of a “tree” created by a stack of old books! BINGO! I love books more than Christmas. So maybe making a tree out of books would allow the season to grow on me. And boy was I right.

I just finished making my book tree. And wow, what a blessing in disguise it turned out to be. As I began making the foundation I pulled the largest books. A thesaurus because sometimes finding the right word is a journey, an english book from the 1930s, and a book that I read my junior year of high school that shaped a large part of who I am today. I continued stacking.

Oh, there’s that book I read that inspired my love for child psychology! And the one that began my secret obsession of Ayn Rand. Many that caused me to pause and remember the happiness I felt walking into the used bookstore where they were found. Even a small blue book that my 5th grade teacher gave me…the first book I ever received with a personal message in it. ❤

A sign language book that has been with me since grade school. A dictionary received as a Kansas Scholar. Poetry and religious books that pulled me from dark places this summer.  Robert Frost with messages of love. And books that have been bought and anxiously waiting to be read…(anyone else have that problem? oops, haha).

And every tree has to have an angel at the top. So I placed my angel right where he belongs. Keep shining bright, Grandpa.

I didn’t expect to gain so much from this little tree. I never realized how much of who I am can be found by opening these covers. I always question myself. Worried that maybe one day I will run too far away from me and who I want to be. But I think as long as I have the contents of this tree I will never lose Erika.

I may have just put this tree up tonight but it’s been in the works for over 12 years. Thank you to those who have helped me create this masterpiece. You will never know how much I am continually impacted by every page stacked here beside me.

With love, from my fortress ❤

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