It starts with the moment we arrive. The oohs and aahs. Then comes the name.

From that moment on, words define our existence. The ones we speak and the ones assigned to us by others.

We leave a mark on this world not merely by what we do but what we say.

And when it’s time, we leave this world; whether planned or not.

But the words, they stay.

Creating obituaries, headstones and carrying memories.

See, it takes breath to live. But it doesn’t take breath to exist.

So even when you have no more words to say and are tired of the words flowing around you…when you want to end your existence,

You can’t. It’s too late. It was game over as soon as you were named.

You matter and you don’t have the power to change that truth…no matter how hard you believe the lies.

So if you’re going to exist forever, you might as well live it out.

With love, From Her Fortress

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